Tuesday, April 3, 2012



What manner of madness is this? Why does everything appear so strange and new, yet comfortingly familiar? What is this new blog? Why the new website? Am I becoming dismantled or disoriented or something?

Rather than attempt tedious explanations here, I recommend you bookmark the new BLOG. My new business partner, Christian Berntsen will be doing much of the necessary web-doings to free up my time for more drawing. It is unlikely that this blog will get any future updates, but it will remain here as a placeholder for you nostalgic types.

Speaking of nostalgia, who can forget tbe Xeric-Award winning debut graphic novel, CHLOE? (The more appropriate question is who can remember the accursed tome?) Well, you need strain your memory no longer, for I have elected to post the book online for free twice a week! You can begin reading HERE. (Impatient people or those who require greater tactility are urged to BUY A COPY NOW.)

Lastly, I wanted to gesticulate about the imminent collection from Fantagraphics Books: FOLLY, The Consequences of Indiscretion. The release date of April 17th has been confirmed. I will attending the upcoming MoCCA Festival in NYC April 28th & 29th for its mighty debut! I recommend you saunter down to purchase your very own signed copy , or at the very least, pre-order a copy HERE.

Friends, I thank you for your attention and patience. I am grateful to each you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012



The hiatus was long, wasn't it? My apologies for those who habitually clicked onto the site once every hour, with bated breath, to see if the next installment was up. Your patience has now been rewarded.
My apologies that the reward is none too great. Page 91 was the last page I completed prior to the haitus. It is very clear to me, upon examining this page, that a change in my drawing schedule was in order. This is one of the weakest pages I've drawn in a long time. I am only comforted by the fact that upcoming pages are significantly better.
My current drawing schedule isn't ideal, but it is an improvement over what I had before. I believe that I should have no trouble keeping a reliable weekly update schedule for Ectopiary. The other comic strip, Cochlea & Eustachis, may not be so reliable. We shall see.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yes, it is true. ECTOPIARY and COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA will be temporarily halted yet again. This time, however, I feel it is for positive reasons.
I am not unsympathetic to those whose patience has been whittled to dust. I am grateful to every individual who has faithfully checked in on the comics on a weekly basis.
A number of changes are in the works, and time is needed to implement them. I plan on re-starting updates on January 12, 2012 (My 39th birthday). In the meantime, please spend some time reading these other excellent online comics:


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comix Continue


Apologies for the silence. I had been hoping to update the format of the webcomics with the intention of rendering this blog unnecessary. Unfortunately, that day is still far off in the future.

Also apologies must be made for the absence of the past weeks' COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA update. With my current work schedule, I can not realistically maintain two weekly webcomics. Already, I can see some drop in quality of the pages I've been drawing; A result of rushing to meet deadlines. I'm afraid I've had to demote one of my ongoing features to a bi-weekly schedule.

Readers who may wish to rebel at this appalling state of affairs are urged to take action. The best possible way to restore things to their proper place is to make a DONATION or BUY SOME MERCHANDISE!

Nonetheless, I still persist in making these online picture-books. Remain calm.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back again

I'm a little wearier than usual this week. Just as I'm easing into my new job at a local discount grocer, Hurricane Irene turned the landscape of Western Mass. into apocalyptic scenery. The road I live on collapsed into the river, leaving me stranded for a few days without electricity, water or phone. I had to hike 12 miles over rubble nd through the woods to get into town.

In spite of this, the comics are ready to resume. Page 8 of Cochlea & Eustachia has just been posted. The next page of Ectopiary will be up Saturday evening.

It seems that my life is going through a bit of a rocky patch. I ask all for patience and forgive my lackluster post this week. In spite of my current exhaustion, I am hopeful and optimistic. Next week's blog post should contain some exciting announcements!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another hiatus?

My unemployment checks will be running out soon, so I have to crank up my job-search. I'm going to take this opportunity to take a break form the webcomics for a bit. I will definitely start updates again on the first week of September. ECTOPIARY has finally reached the point of the story which engages my interest more intensely. COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA has been rustier than I'd like. I believe both comics would benefit from my taking a breather for a few weeks before resuming.

The exhibit in Greenfield went very well. Crowds of strangers came to gape at the comics and devices. A good time was had by all. Below are some pics from early on in the evening. The mysterious black boxes are dioramas I built, More photos to surface in the near future!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Page 83 of ECTOPIARY was another difficult page to draw. I think it ultimately came out alright. I'd be interested in any opinions.

Page 7 of COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA did not come out as well as hoped. I rushed through this one, and I think it shows. Subsequent pages look better. Patience, please!

The BIG NEWS this week is the Grand Opening of the Greenfield Arts Salon (G.A.S.). The premier exhibit features work by local cartoonists Colin Panetta and Mark Velard. Their stuff is viewable HERE. Also included will be some pages of comics and (hopefully) other devices by me. I plan on being present at the opening. It is free to the public, and I encourage every able person to attend! DETAILS HERE!