Monday, July 27, 2009


There it is, nestled in among the others, in a post-embryonic state. This is how my brainchild was presented to the multitudes at this past weekend's San Diego Comicon. If you are one of the lucky few to grasp this freshly-printed tome in your sweaty anticipating paws, I envy you. I haven't even got my own copy yet.
(If you did buy one and happen to be reading this, you are heartily welcomed to write some comments about it here!)
In the meantime, here is another panel from the book, out of context, for the expectant unrecipients:


  1. Comment the First - Congrats on your incredible book. By far my personal "best of show" at Comic Con this year.

    Wasn't ready for what you had in store for us, but an incredible read and I'm glad I stuck with it. Some of those panels are incredibly beautiful.

    Saw your work almost immediately after coming across the artwork of Lisa Black, and I need to know, did her art have any influence on you?

    Anyhow gave a shout out on the San Diego Opera blog...


  2. Thank you for the kind remarks! Also, my thanks for the mention on the blog.
    I wasn't familiar with Lisa Black until you mentioned her.She does very nice work,though. I recommend those interested should chedk out her site: