Sunday, August 9, 2009


Here's a virtual visit with me at my home in Philadelphia. Listen to me ramble on about my hometown, homeless art, Mahendra Singh, christian comics and George The Housewife.

Clearly, after seeing this video, I will never expect to be a major television personality. I've also been inspired to groom myself more thoroughly. Also, I may need some instruction in elocution.
This video is by Chad Parenteau, writer, poet, haiku-master and my unofficial biographer. I highly recommend you visit his own blog here.


  1. That was an interesting film, Hans. And great drawings of course, I'm looking forward to reading the Squirrel Machine.

  2. Who did you say the man was who did all those watercolor paintings you had hung on your walls? It sounds like you said "Hugo".

  3. "Hugo" is a real person who (if he's still alive) can be seen riding his bicycle around Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. If you ever encounter him, I recommend you buy a couple of his watercolor pictures. He's a sweet-tempered individual with a somewhat disconcerting tangential manner of conversing.