Sunday, October 25, 2009


I think I have finally run out of backlog of outtakes and rough versions from The Squirrel Machine project. I am now busily preparing my next comic. It will be serialized online and hopefully will culminate into another graphic novel. I haven't a title for it yet, but here is a sample image from the first few pages.
I am also working on a comic strip that will be a collaboration with violinist Katt Hernandez. Conceptually, it requires accompanying music to tell the story. It will be presented via projection with live performers, and hopefully can be enjoyed at home in DVD format. This one will take time:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have finally returned from traveling the East Coast to promote The Squirrel Machine! Many thanks to the many fine people who graciously hosted the signings and helped me on my journey! My hope for humanity is restored!
The above photo is of me (relatively groomed) at my appearance at SPX. I had a fantastic time there. I got to be seated next to Gahan Wilson during my book-signing at the Fantagraphics table and chatted with him for most of the day. I also had the pleasure of meeting many other cartoonists (too numerous to list here) that I hold in very high esteem.
Other highlights of the book tour: Unexpectedly joining up with Ken Applebaum and attending a Comic Jam with The House of Twelve in New York. Having an informal round-the-table discussion with a polite (perhaps confused, nonetheless very pleasant) gathering at The Rabbit Hole in Fitchburg. MA. Encountering some impossibly talented artists at Casablanca Comics in Portland, Maine; they're a formidable force up there.
Also, during this time, The Squirrel Machine has gathered up considerable amounts of attention with the press. The reviews and interviews are simply too many to list here. To read them all, just click on the links provided here.