Monday, November 2, 2009


I am taking a brief break from the drawing board to post this. Future projects still in progress.In the meantime, I command you to read this, the best dang review I ever got for The Squirrel Machine. It is written by one of the most revered cartoonists in my personal heroes list, Mahendra Singh. This individual has only a small output of comics material to be read; a four-page feature in #4 of Prime Cuts (August, 1987) and The Adventures of Mr. Pyridine. He is currently illustrating an adaptation of The Hunting Of The Snark; or in his own words, "busily fitting Lewis Carroll into a protosurrealist straitjacket with matching dada cufflinks." (Note: When linking to the review, please scroll down for the bit regarding The Squirrel Machine. However, I highly recommend the rest of The Snark Blog to all curious readers.)

Hopefully, in the next week or two, I will be able to post yet another video regarding The Squirrel Machine. In the meantime, I've posted a very early and erroneous version of Cochlea & Eustachia.


  1. That is a great review. It has to feel really great for one of your heroes to be a fan of your work.

    I read The Squirrel Machine the other day. Hands down, the best book I've read all year.

  2. A glowing review, indeed.

    It's praise well-deserved. Your book is outstanding. I'll be re-reading it this weekend and reading some of your earlier work as well.

  3. Hey Hans,

    I enjoyed that review by Mahendra Singh. I love your work. I reviewed an issue of Chrome Fetus years ago. And, I was a bit beside myself when I spotted "The Squirrel Machine" at my local comics shop. I had to review it and so I did at Newsarama. I still hold a torch for Cochlea and Eustachia.


  4. Thanks all for the kind comments!
    Henry, thanks for the great review. It looks like a fantastic website!
    There will be more C&E comics in the future. I may post them when that happens....