Sunday, November 8, 2009


Pictured above (in a snapshot taken by Chad Parenteau) is a gift from an old friend, Markus Nechay. He presented this to me personally during my book-signing at Million Year Picnic. I am appreciative of its undeniable elegance and its very palpable odor.
In further efforts to expand the multi-sensory goals of this blog, I have included a link to yet another video. (The video in question is about 16 min. Therefore it is too large for YouTube. I hope the Facebook link works for all my blog readers. If not, drop me a line. Perhaps one of my more technologically-capable comrades can help me upload it up on this blog properly.)
This short video documentary was made in the winter of 2005 by Wolf Gang Productions. The excellent music is provided by Katt Hernandez. The director of this project requested to visit my Allston Mass. apartment and film me drawing a page of comics. He wanted me to explain the creation process for the benefit of an unfamiliar audience. The results (or consequences) are a little painful for me to watch. Some embarrassing things to take note: Early on in the video I am bragging about having my comics submission accepted by; one week later, their website went down for an extended period of time and my submission was completely forgotten. There is a somewhat tedious interview of me discussing getting the Xeric Grant for CHLOE in my unfortunate lime-yellow kitchen. I also cringe when, near the end, my voice is heard saying "and that's a completed page", the camera pans down and the viewer can clearly see that it's only half a page. What a ripoff!
Nonetheless, it's a fine production and still reasonably entertaining for people interested in that sort of thing. More stuff next week, I hope.

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