Saturday, December 12, 2009


Webcomic Debut

ECTOPIARY is a graphic novel in the making. I expect it will be about 600 pages in length when completed. Currently, I plan on posting a new page once a week. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to increase the updates to twice a week. The first two pages are now ready for viewing.
ECTOPIARY does not fit neatly into any known genre. At the moment, I fancy calling it "science fiction." I may change my mind tomorrow. Readers familiar with my other comics are encouraged to suggest other categories to file this critter.
The story, like most of my other comics, is cumulative in nature. Patience is suggested for the casual reader, as the speed of narrative is prodded by the needs of the story and not by the dictates of weekly installments.
Webcomics are a new territory for me. I am hopeful that my efforts are well-met.

REMINDER: Pages of CHLOE are still for sale. Please help me raise funds so I may have a roof over my head this winter when I make my escape from Philadelphia! Spread the word!

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