Sunday, January 24, 2010


New Page Visible Here

The current page is a slight improvement over the past two week's installments. In spite of breaking the rules of perspective in the last panel, I think it looks alright. Please take note in future pages how I evade using the words "spinal tap" in order to avoid confusion with the farcical pop band of the same name.

I am not certain if I'll be able to post a blog update for the next week or two. I'll be moving into Massachusetts. Consequently, many of my things will be in temporary storage. In the meantime, here is an old Poster from the vaults. How many reader were able to attend this event from 2003?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Latest Page Viewable Here.

A lot of suspense in the current page of Ectopiary. What happens next?

The SQUIRREL MACHINE is getting mentioned on people's "Best of 2009" Lists. Here are some numbers:

#1 (Top 20 Comics) at Comics & More
#10 (Top 10 Comics) at But Before I Kill You
#56 (Top 100 Comics) at Comic Book Resources
#30 (Best Comics 2009 Meta-List) at I Love Rob Liefeld
A glowing review at Politics & Prose Favorite Graphic Literature of the Year

Other reviews:
And one more from Iconoction. (Link to Google-Translated page from Italian. Broken English is quite revealing!)

All very positive commentary by generous and astute people. I endorse them all! Visit their sites frequently!

This week's space-filler illo is a cd cover for "A Midwife's Blues" commisioned by Jamie McLaughlin, an extraordinary musician and performer:

(Unfortunately, I have no link for Ms. McLaughlin. Perhaps, if she sees this, she'll provide one in the Comments Section below.)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Latest Page viewable here.

Occasionally, I draw a page of comics which inspires creative bliss. This is not one of them; It is merely an "adequate" connector between points.
To remedy this, I have posted below a recent rendering that I am pleased with. Perhaps next week will bear more splendid fruit....

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Page 5 is viewable here.

It's the wonderful world of photo-referencing! With the power of Google Image-Search, I can place my characters in any number of miss-matching environments and backdrops. The last panel took a long time to draw. More examples of pilferage to come in the weeks ahead.
To my embarrassment and relief, I can now report that my financial woes of last week will not impair my relocation plans. It seems that I pendulate from determination to despair on a regular basis. Thanks to some un-named heroic benefactors, I shall make good my escape from Philadelphia to the green and peaceful regions of Western Massachusetts!
To celebrate, I've posted a fake ad/collage that I made more than a decade ago. I thought it was very amusing at the time: