Sunday, January 17, 2010


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A lot of suspense in the current page of Ectopiary. What happens next?

The SQUIRREL MACHINE is getting mentioned on people's "Best of 2009" Lists. Here are some numbers:

#1 (Top 20 Comics) at Comics & More
#10 (Top 10 Comics) at But Before I Kill You
#56 (Top 100 Comics) at Comic Book Resources
#30 (Best Comics 2009 Meta-List) at I Love Rob Liefeld
A glowing review at Politics & Prose Favorite Graphic Literature of the Year

Other reviews:
And one more from Iconoction. (Link to Google-Translated page from Italian. Broken English is quite revealing!)

All very positive commentary by generous and astute people. I endorse them all! Visit their sites frequently!

This week's space-filler illo is a cd cover for "A Midwife's Blues" commisioned by Jamie McLaughlin, an extraordinary musician and performer:

(Unfortunately, I have no link for Ms. McLaughlin. Perhaps, if she sees this, she'll provide one in the Comments Section below.)

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