Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ectopiary, Page 11

The Ectopiary story progresses at a snail's pace. A few readers have complained that what they've read thus far is "boring." I'm not sure what excitements are expected. The comic follows its own rythm. I have stated before that patience is recommended for this particualr narrative. It's a rather large project and will take time to unfurl.

Existence in Western Massachusetts is peaceful, but inactive. I've been spending lots of time sitting by the woodstove and wandering the woods. All my drawing gear is still in storage in Philadelphia, so I am continuously anxious. Thankfully, tomorrow my friends and I will journey hence to collect my belongings. Hopefully, the predicted snowstorms will wait until our task is completed.

For those in need of eye-candy, here is the rough layout version of The Comics Interpreter #1 cover. (Also, below is a tiny jpeg of the final version. I recommend you buy a copy to see it full-sized.)

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  1. That was a gorgeous cover (eye candy indeed). But how about a full-sized (or at least much larger) version of the layout?