Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ectopiary, Page 12

Latest Page Viewable HERE.

This page took an eternity to draw. I worried about how it would look in color, but I guess it came out alright. I hope others appreciate the effort I put into it.
My woodland retreat in Western Massachusetts is becoming less restful with each passing day. Apparently, one of my housemates has gone coo-coo and may require hospitalization. The rest of us are hiding in our rooms as this madman is running about the house, rearranging furniture, writing cryptic messages all over the walls, babbling and cackling.
Speaking of wall defacement, here are the murals left behind in the living room of my last nest in Philadelphia. (Photos courtesy of Chad Parenteau)

Thank you for your attention. I hope peace and sanity will be restored next week.


  1. BEST WALL DECOR EVER... and the top one more convincingly adds a feeling of added space than a bunch of mirrors.

  2. Yeah, those murals are amazing. Really nicely done. And I'm greatly enjoying every installment of the web-comic. The detail in the recent page is excellent and immersive. If you're interested, I started a new blog about my new comic at Looking forward to more Ectopiary!