Sunday, March 28, 2010


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This another page that I'm reasonably pleased with; only a few minor quirks with this one. No doubt, in a year's time, I may amend my opinion.
Things are improving for me here in Hawley. I now have employment at a rustic shop that specializes in local cheeses and quaint countrified sundries. It's not much $$, but my survival is no longer imperiled.
Since moving to Massachusetts, my page buffer for Ectopiary has shrunk considerably. I am now hustling to correct this. New pages are coagulating on my drawing table at this very moment.
Old comics occasionally bubble to the surface. Here is another C&E single-pager rejected by newspapers worldwide. Please enjoy!

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  1. Really like the new Ectopiary page. I love the setting. One wonders what lurks behind all the doors nestled inside that big old house. I hope we get further peeks as the story progresses :-)