Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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This week's blog is a couple of days late. I'm recovering from my trip to New York to attend MoCCA. Many thanks to Ken Applebaum for letting me crash at his place. He is a fine host, and his cat is exceptionally tolerant.

I had a fine time signing at the Fantagraphics table. They only brought a handful of The Squirrel Machine, so they sold out rapidly in the first day. Fortunately, I brought some of my self-published booklets to sell, so it wasn't a total loss.

I also had a blast hanging out with the fine folks of Blurred Books fLinkor the premier of their comics newspaper POOD. They have a knack for pulling together some extremely talented people. I am honored to be among them.

Below is a snapshot of me (with no copies of The Squirrel Machine to sign), sheepishly sitting beside Miss Lasko-Gross, who is actively autographing books for long lines of admiring folllowers. Sigh.

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