Sunday, April 25, 2010



I'm enloying the peace and solitude of my countryside headquarters. When I'm not slogging through my work at my day-job or working on the house, I'm sitting by the river atring at the water move. Occasionally, wild turkeys come to terrorize me.

I've been busy with future pages of Ectopiary. Also, this week I'll be working on a collaborative multi-media project with violinist and eclectic noisemaker Katt Hernandez.

In the meantime, I've looked through my archives and found this oddity; a re-touched-up panel from "Hail Jeffrey". Aside from the story's appearance in Chrome Fetus #6, it has been published in The Comics Interpreter and Danny Hellman's Typhon. In both former publications, this one image has been altered from its original appearance (lower left-hand corner) to accommodate their sensitive readers. Perhaps when a book collection eventually comes out, the poor girl's tits will be allowed to remain as they were meant to be....

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  1. I loved Hail Jeffery. Such a great, funny, bizarre story. And the artwork is beyond top-notch.