Sunday, June 27, 2010


A reasonable new page. I wish they all were this coherent. As will be seen by the pages to come, I've made cultural references which suggest that the story takes place sometime around 1956 - 1957. I originally intended the time period to be a bit more vague; I didn't want to be tied down to incorporating un-ignorable contemporaneous events into the fabric of the book. We are all assigned our own personal albatrosses in spite of ourselves.
Speaking of which, as promised, for the sake of readers with a need to know, here is my penis:
(Sorry, ladies, the homunculus is not a guaranteed attachment to the featured item.)

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  1. No apologies needed (that she's a homunculus and not full size in proportion to the pictured albatrossian appendage, and that the spiny protusions on *her* head aren't featured on *yours*.....(which would indicate you're a very talented member of a certain species of beetle) is something of a relief. Oh, and yes, like the new page, too!