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Although I'm not into experimentation with form or distracting layouts, I try my best to make every page as interesting and dynamic as possible. I try keep the narrative clear, simple and straightforward; and it is evident that my compositional skills aren't always the best. I think this page is an example of one that "does its job." It acts as sort of a link between two (hopefully) interesting events.
It's pages like these that I'd like to improve on, as making these sort of transitional plot lags is a challenge unto themselves. Pages in which something "significant" happens are easy to plot out compositionally (although not necessarily easy to draw). Producing seamless progressions in the plot propulsion is high priority for me. Simultaneously, the look of the page must be as visually pleasing as the rest of the book. I have to confess, the current page kind of falls short of my own standards.
At this point, I do have admit that, yes, I do complain too much about the quality of my own work. I am aware that it is generally considered bad policy to publicly denigrate one's own artistic output. But I do hope that it is understood by my faithful, patient readers that ECTOPIARY is (to me) a worthwhile project that I very much believe in. It is a large book with an expansive scope that I plan on devoting many years to. I do not plan on churning out "crap", and I don't think this book falls into that category.
Forgive the rambling. I am an odd person with not much of a life, and little to fixate on.
This week, I am posting a sequel to my tribute to Hugo Baratta, a man who transferred his visions onto paper much more succinctly than I:

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