Sunday, August 8, 2010



The only remark I can think to make about the current page is that I'm very pleased with the feet in the first panel. Anyone who glances at my sketchbooks or the many pieces of paper about my headquarters will find an overabundance of sketches and doodles of feet in every possible angle. I've studied anatomy books, read numerous art books and done online research, but I can't seem successfully render good feet. The concept of how to draw them recognizably and effectively eludes me. It is only by accident when a decent pair manifests in my drawings. I'm happy to say this is one of them.
In celebration, I'm posting a teaser panel from an upcoming Cochlea & Eustachia strip for the next issue of POOD:

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  1. Those are good feet. At least feet can usually be hidden in shoes. It's hands that stymie me. A professor once told me to just think of them as branches of a tree, but considering I only seem to handle those by giving them a sort of stylized interlacing treatment, it wasn't useful advice. You do hands very well.