Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ectopiary, Page 43


Another fine page is up. I'm curious if people are enjoying this comic or not. If you have a moment, feel free to type in your complaints below.
I don't have any artwork ready to post for the blog this week, so instead I've decided to post yet another song. It's a little two-chord ditty with excessive over-dubbing: Little Brown Things


  1. Actually, I am really enjoying this comic! I find Dale an engaging character and your artwork instills the story with style and great atmosphere. I look forward to each new page

  2. Dig it Dig it dig it, always been a fan Hans, hey do you still Have my mona lisa painting, i still have some of your drawings somewhere

  3. Mike,
    Thanks for the comment. I believe your blue Mona is still lurking amongst my things. She has a great nose.

  4. love it so far... my first experience w/your work was "the squirrel machine," which i read in two days. so, it's neat to see this story unfold at a much, much more deliberate pace. reading it this way kind of puts me in the same position as dale, navigating a strange new environment without being totally sure what is going on.