Monday, November 29, 2010


What you need - ECTOPIARY page 52 is now UP.

For the first-time reader, now is an excellent opportunity to jump into this peculiar and inexplicable graphic tome. A full year's worth of plodding picture-making hammered into a strained narrative is just waiting for you to peruse and castigate!

Of course, page 52 doesn't contain too much in the way of fast-paced plot progression. This is one inherent weakness of releasing a long graphic novel in single-page weekly installments. When read in context, I hope that silent pages like this help to provide the proper rythm of the action as it grinds along. At the risk of repeating myself, I don't intend to modify my storytelling approach to satisfy the strictures of serialiazation. Also, with my current time constraints, one page a week is the fastest I can produce. I have no plans to simplify my style to speed up the process. The detailed backgrounds and fussy pointillism are essential to my dubious mental state. Let's not shift my internal paradigms too rapidly, please?

Speaking of which, here is a picture I drew that was inevitably appropriated for the June 9th 2009 edition of the Philly Comix Jam collection. They're still active and their doings are observable here.

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