Monday, December 27, 2010


Another Ectopiary Page is now UP.

I've reasonably recovered from my surgery. Thanks to all for their patience during my brief absence.

I feel like a bit off a celebrity this week. There is a relatively coherent interview with me at REGLAR WIGLAR, a fine review of my own inclusion of Pood #2 at TRAVALANCHE. The biggest event, however, is the selection of Ectopiary as The Best Webcomic of 2010 by MTV"S SPLASHPAGE!

On top of all this, I an pleased to announce the digital release of Ectopiary for Japanese readers, courtesy of TOGENOJIZO! I daresay this edition looks more attractive than the English version. I've posted some sample pages below. Enjoy!

Monday, December 13, 2010



This page, despite its flaws, came out better than expected. I am much pleased with this thing I have made.

The next update will have to be postponed one week. I am currently recovering from some minor surgery, and am unable to do the necessary things to get the page ready. I could also use the break. My thanks to you all for your patience!

Monday, December 6, 2010



I like the first panel of page 53 very much. The other two panels not so much. The next page is much better, I promise.

The Squirrel Machine is still perplexing people, more than a year after its release. Here are more reviews:

The Name Of This Cartoon Is Brunswick
Comics disturb readers, celebrate Halloween season | The Daily Texan - (scroll down for the Squirrel Machine review.)

Earlier this week, I learned that when asleep and dreaming, looking up words in the dictionary is a hopeless (but interesting) endeavor. I found the word "forsonym." According to this dream-dictionary, it means "a pictorial diagram of the metaphysical digestive tract of female oxen, often used to punish disobedient schoolchildren."

Another book, which one would presume only to find in the nocturnal libraries of the other side of consciousness is currently manifesting itself in a downright corporeal edition, waiting to fill that gaping void in your bookshelf. I am writing of none other than Mahendra Singh's majestic adaptation of Lewis Carroll's oft-overlooked epic "THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK." If you do not rush to acquire this beautiful book immediately, you are a fool. Rather than add my own ham-fisted verbiage to M. Singh's splendid eloquence, I shall simply let the following link guide your way:

As an incentive, below is posted an example of the master's work. Consider this my effort towards what I hope will be a Worldwide Emerging Mahendra Singh Awareness Movement! Indulge, seekers!

(Note: These comic pages have been posted without permission, and may be removed pending any such requests from the author.)