Monday, January 31, 2011



Page 60 is, in my opinion, a merely adequate offering that serves as a somewhat clumsy scene transition. Many thanks to my fine cat, Proxy, for providing the necessary pose in the first panel.

It seems that New England is scheduled for yet another foot of snow this week. I have no doubt I'll be getting a lot of cartooning done.

As promised, here is the cover for the upcoming collection of my comics. The full title is FOLLY - The Consequences Of Indiscretion. It's being published by Fantagraphics and is scheduled to be released this Fall! Tell your friends and enemies!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Page 59 of Ectopiary Cannot Be Ignored.

This page took longer to draw than expected. Clearly, it is designed to rupture the optic nerve; at least that was its effect on me while rendering it. Consider yourself warned.

This past week, I having been scurrying to complete the final touches on my next big book release, FOLLY. It's a collection of Chrome Fetus Comics andother 0dd tidbits. The title is apt, and is scheduled for release this coming Autumn from Fantagraphics. Next week, I'll post a cover image.

Chad Parenteau, my unofficial biographer, has posted some thoughts about my last albatross, THE SQUIRREL MACHINE. You may read it here:

For this week, I'll be posting an image from Chad's blog. It's an old sketch I produced upon request. Do not hold him to blame. As always, I thank you for your endurance.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Yes, Another Page of Ectopiary is Here.

Friends, I am always grateful for your patience and tolerance! I think this is a fine page, I hope general consensus agrees. I'm just doing my part to make the world a better place.

Here in Western Massachusetts, we are buried under two feet of snow, with more on the way. As long as fuel, food and electricity sustain, these are optimum conditions for drawing comics without interruption!

This week, in celebration of my recent vasectomy, here is an image (from my "Debris" file) that I hope will inspire others to do likewise.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ectopiary, Page 57

Another Fine Page Is Ready for Reading.

I like the current page. I have suspicions that readers familiar with my earlier comics are probably thinking to themselves, "not this again." Although it serves a different purpose in the current story, I do admit to having an affinity for drawing this sort of thing. Let's just say I couldn't keep it in my pants, okay? gave Ectopiary a nice write-up which brought some attention to the site. I welcome all new readers. I apologize for the glacial progress of the comic, which seems to be everybody's main gripe. Such attitudes make me want to slow the plot down even further. However, in my opinion, it is developing at the exact velocity it requires. Those with patience will be rewarded.

As always, I am very, very grateful to people who have donated money to help me survive. If you care to help, you can do so here:

Also, I am pleased (and maybe a little disconcerted) to report that Cochlea & Eustachia are now getting close to occupying this world embodied as three-dimensional puppets. Wood carved heads (still in production) by the talented Kristina Dorn are displayed below as evidence!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yet Another Ectopiary Page Is Now Ready To Read.

I think this is a good page. It pleases me to look at it. It progresses the action nicely. Yes, this is good. I thank you!

Earlier this week, I received this e-mail:

Hello Mr. Rickheit!
My name is Benjamin Abaya and I'm the host of The Freakin' Awesome Podcast! and a member of This Sunday, we're going to discuss and give our impressions about your webcomic Ectopiary. With all respect I just want to know how do you pronounce the word. I say ecto-pear-ee or is it ecto-pi-ree? I want to comfirm this before we record on Sunday. If you want to listen to us discuss it, it's going to be release on Monday, January 3rd on iTunes. Search us at "Artistic Alliance Presents" Thank you again and keep it up! We love support indie comics.

- Ben

I have faith that this will be an entertaining and enlightening show. I recommend it to all my faithful readers!

In the meantime, here is a teaser of my own entry in the upcoming POOD #2! Be sure to get a copy when it hits the stands!