Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yet Another Ectopiary Page Is Now Ready To Read.

I think this is a good page. It pleases me to look at it. It progresses the action nicely. Yes, this is good. I thank you!

Earlier this week, I received this e-mail:

Hello Mr. Rickheit!
My name is Benjamin Abaya and I'm the host of The Freakin' Awesome Podcast! and a member of This Sunday, we're going to discuss and give our impressions about your webcomic Ectopiary. With all respect I just want to know how do you pronounce the word. I say ecto-pear-ee or is it ecto-pi-ree? I want to comfirm this before we record on Sunday. If you want to listen to us discuss it, it's going to be release on Monday, January 3rd on iTunes. Search us at "Artistic Alliance Presents" Thank you again and keep it up! We love support indie comics.

- Ben

I have faith that this will be an entertaining and enlightening show. I recommend it to all my faithful readers!

In the meantime, here is a teaser of my own entry in the upcoming POOD #2! Be sure to get a copy when it hits the stands!

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  1. Nice read and great art. If you're interested in downloading the episode just search "Artistic Alliance Presents" on itunes and it would be Episode 71 or listen to it off our site