Monday, January 10, 2011

Ectopiary, Page 57

Another Fine Page Is Ready for Reading.

I like the current page. I have suspicions that readers familiar with my earlier comics are probably thinking to themselves, "not this again." Although it serves a different purpose in the current story, I do admit to having an affinity for drawing this sort of thing. Let's just say I couldn't keep it in my pants, okay? gave Ectopiary a nice write-up which brought some attention to the site. I welcome all new readers. I apologize for the glacial progress of the comic, which seems to be everybody's main gripe. Such attitudes make me want to slow the plot down even further. However, in my opinion, it is developing at the exact velocity it requires. Those with patience will be rewarded.

As always, I am very, very grateful to people who have donated money to help me survive. If you care to help, you can do so here:

Also, I am pleased (and maybe a little disconcerted) to report that Cochlea & Eustachia are now getting close to occupying this world embodied as three-dimensional puppets. Wood carved heads (still in production) by the talented Kristina Dorn are displayed below as evidence!

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