Monday, January 24, 2011


Page 59 of Ectopiary Cannot Be Ignored.

This page took longer to draw than expected. Clearly, it is designed to rupture the optic nerve; at least that was its effect on me while rendering it. Consider yourself warned.

This past week, I having been scurrying to complete the final touches on my next big book release, FOLLY. It's a collection of Chrome Fetus Comics andother 0dd tidbits. The title is apt, and is scheduled for release this coming Autumn from Fantagraphics. Next week, I'll post a cover image.

Chad Parenteau, my unofficial biographer, has posted some thoughts about my last albatross, THE SQUIRREL MACHINE. You may read it here:

For this week, I'll be posting an image from Chad's blog. It's an old sketch I produced upon request. Do not hold him to blame. As always, I thank you for your endurance.


  1. Wow, I love that Teletubby-ish dude. He looks like he should be in the Abarat world.

  2. Page 59 makes me weep with happiness … it's relationship within the larger page-flow is perfect

    this is what comix should be … you can feel the mind of this book waking slowly and extruding itself into reality

    I think Jim Woodring should take notice of what's going in Ectopiary

    And congrats on the Folly, it's great news!