Monday, February 14, 2011


If You Want, You Can Read The Latest Ectopiary Page Here.

Page 62 is nothing to scream about. Although it seems scant, it does push the story forward in unseen ways.

I have been very busy this past week, drawing many things. I've been working on some new Cochlea & Eustachia stories. I've been learning many new things about them. For instance, I did not previously realize that they would kill each other over a cupcake. I've also learned why I've resisted pursuing a career in mainstream comics; I suck at drawing fight scenes. Example: Here is my first attempt at portraying the girls in mortal combat.Some things that looked good in pencil form can become very disappointing when you start inking them in. The figures are stiff and at an overly polite distance from each other to be a believable tussle.

With my second try, I used a photo of women wrestlers for reference. Although the prominent butt-cheeks provide an amusing pulchritudinous effect, the girls appear too relaxed to convince the reader of their murderous intentions. Also, it's confusingly difficult to determine the position of their bodies.

The third attempt seems about as accurate as I'm ever going to get. Both figures are clear, visible and occupy equal space in the frame. The hair-pulling, gritting of teeth and flailing of limbs give a better sense of earnest violence. Also, this time I remembered to include the coveted cupcake! A lot of effort for a single panel. I are a hopeless case.

More things next week.


  1. Not just any cupcake, that must be one of those ultra lemon drop ginger infused Malaysian coconut dusted extravaganzas I've heard are only available during the second Tuesdays of months ending in "T". Or Valentine's Day ;).
    Anyway, I think all three are good, I saw them kind of sequentially (though #2 does look kind of make them look like Siamese twins). I esp. like the way you did the gritted teeth and hand-on-jaw shoving. Grrrrrg!

  2. Here's some more reference:

    Atleast the mask, lol.