Monday, February 28, 2011


Latest Page of Ectopiary is UP

My apologies for no blog post last week. The work piles up to suffocating amounts sometimes.

New England has buried itself under several feet of white snow, with weekly blizzard reinforcements. I have been essentially a prisoner in this rural cabin due to the combination of unploughed roads and lack of snow tires on my wimpy Volkswagen.

Fortunately, I have used this enforced solitude to get more drawing in. I've completed another 16"X22" comic strip for the upcoming issue of POOD. Future pages of ECTOPIARY look more promising than the current posting. Also, I am slowly putting together the necessary elements for yet another webcomic!

On top of all this, my good friend Kristina Dorn (who owns a better vehicle) has been able to navigate the treacherous roads to my hovel. Collaboratively, we have made significant progress on the Cochlea & Eustacia puppets! (Video visible via Facebook)

This week, I've posted yet another small cartoon excluded from the upcoming Fantagraphics collection, FOLLY. This strip originally ran in The Stranger some years ago.


  1. Flabulous~ The scan is still warm.

  2. Really looking forward to FOLLY. Your short stories are most excellent.

  3. I like this that what the glass globe is for?