Monday, March 7, 2011



Page 65 of Ectopiary is a fine example of Hans Rickheit doing battle with the rules of perspective. I still kind of like this page, though. It's better than the previous few entries, at least.

Although the past week seemed to be crammed with activity, I have little to report on. I have been making black boxes with little windows in them, drawing bugs and helping to construct puppets.

The following comic (rejected from the upcoming Fantagraphics book, FOLLY) gives a fair depiction of what my everyday life looks like:

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  1. I think you waged a fine battle on all fronts, the only strange perspective that struck me was that the kitchen seems like it must be on the second floor if Dale leaves the scene by descending stairs.....and feeling badly for Emily for whom a delivery of a heavy barrel of potatoes seems destined to go upwards! And oh man, are they inviting a legion of soldiers to help eat all those potatoes? That's a lot of potatoes. It's like a starch vegetable extravaganza! Does make me feel satisfyingly dizzy contemplating these mysteries, though, so....yay! :)