Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here's a new page of Ectopiary, ready for you to ignore

This is my earnest promise to all readers who classify themselves as descendants of homo erectus that this latest trickling of my blood, tears & cerebral-spinal fluid contains nothing that will strain the intellect or even require the minutest level of cognizance. Rest assured, regardless of race, gender or social background, any sentient being exposed to this example of pictographic narrative is safe from potentially damaging perils commonly associated with rampant unmonitored fictionalizing, such as plot, timing, subtext, symbolism or taste. Each ingredient has been pulverized and ground to a smooth fine paste that will pass though the digestive system with only the slightest rumbling, so grab your straws and start sucking!

Speaking of sucking, here is the another batch of images appropriately accompanied by the sound of rapid, wet inhalation - more medical images from my youthful days of wasted effort and doomed ideals.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Would you like another serving of Ectopiary?

Page 73 looks alright to me. I especially like the first panel. More things to come.

Rain and engine troubles kept me housebound for most of the week. I've had plenty to work on at home, though. The new website is very close to being ready. I hope to have it up and running within the next few days.

An enjoyable weekend was spent with my girlfriend, picking through the trash at Rietta Flea Market in Hubbardston, MA. We are slowly gathering necessary ingredients for the eventual puppet show/movie. The Cochlea & Eustachia puppets are very nearly completed. Photos to come soon!

As I've posted before, in my younger days I decided to learn drawing by copying images from medical books. I do not advise this practice for students wishing to get an accurate understanding of human anatomy. More examples:

Monday, May 16, 2011


Another Page of Ectopiary has been pumped out.

Despite what Dale says on page 72, I don't think she'll grow up to be crazy. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I've been absorbed with lots of drawing and fretting over my financial future. Currently, I am collecting unemployment; it seems to be the only form of arts funding in the U.S. for slobs like me. As I may have stated before, I've been using this as an opportunity to develop a 2nd, more lucrative webcomic. I dread having to look for work. Too many precious hours of my life have been spent being some jackass' "employee." I have no desire to step back onto that odious treadmill.

Much of my life recently has been devoted to learning to live cheaply and minimizing obligations to other people. If I can spend the majority of my time drawing and making strange, beautiful things, I am a happier and healthier being.

For instance, this past weekend, now having the time to do so, I finally got some decent photographs of the original bear-head costume which precipitated the Unnamed Protagonist featured so prominently in many of my comics. Samples to follow:

Monday, May 9, 2011



Dialogue and character exchange and things like that actually occur on page 71 of Ectopiary. I'm kind of funny that way. Don't expect it to happen too often, though.

Readers who are fond of stories with actual plotlines that contain beginnings, middles and endings will be sure to enjoy this new horror-themed comic from PlanetSlade.com. It's an etymological tale called "Mother's Day" written by Paul Slade and drawn by myself. I recommend you begin reading it here: http://www.planetslade.com/insect-horror.html

It's been a pleasant, cool Springtime here in Western Massachusetts. If ever you should experience a paucity of activities, I recommend you & a friend can enjoy a round of miniature golf. If you're like me and dislike spending money on frivolities, you can always seek out an abandoned miniature golf course in your area. You need only bring your own balls and clubs!

The advantages of golfing in a disintegrating reliquary are multifold. No screaming children or waiting, only the pleasant sound of birds and crickets as you disturb their concealed nests within the decaying fixtures. Weeds and brambles add an extra sense of challenge. There is even an interactive quality, as some structures need to be propped back into position, and golf balls occasionally need to be fished out of clogged plastic piping. A guaranteed fun time for all!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Yes, We Have More Ectopiary. Thank You For Asking.

I think page 70 of Ectopiary is quite reasonable. If you disagree, I'd be interested to learn why. All readers are encouraged to post comments below!

The past couple of weeks have been kind to me. I am enjoying the spring weather and my peaceful life among the New England trees and hills. Consequently, I have little to write about as today.

In the meantime, I've posted more samples from my old sketchbooks. In my younger days, I attempted to learn to draw anatomy by copying images from old medical textbooks. I have hundreds of drawings like the ones below. Note my wimpy cross-hatching attempts to fill in negative space around the subjects.