Monday, May 23, 2011


Would you like another serving of Ectopiary?

Page 73 looks alright to me. I especially like the first panel. More things to come.

Rain and engine troubles kept me housebound for most of the week. I've had plenty to work on at home, though. The new website is very close to being ready. I hope to have it up and running within the next few days.

An enjoyable weekend was spent with my girlfriend, picking through the trash at Rietta Flea Market in Hubbardston, MA. We are slowly gathering necessary ingredients for the eventual puppet show/movie. The Cochlea & Eustachia puppets are very nearly completed. Photos to come soon!

As I've posted before, in my younger days I decided to learn drawing by copying images from medical books. I do not advise this practice for students wishing to get an accurate understanding of human anatomy. More examples:


  1. Hans, I think you will appreciate the galleries found here -

  2. I do appreciate it. A very useful resource, indeed. I thank you.
    By the way, where online should I go to see your most recent work?