Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here's a new page of Ectopiary, ready for you to ignore

This is my earnest promise to all readers who classify themselves as descendants of homo erectus that this latest trickling of my blood, tears & cerebral-spinal fluid contains nothing that will strain the intellect or even require the minutest level of cognizance. Rest assured, regardless of race, gender or social background, any sentient being exposed to this example of pictographic narrative is safe from potentially damaging perils commonly associated with rampant unmonitored fictionalizing, such as plot, timing, subtext, symbolism or taste. Each ingredient has been pulverized and ground to a smooth fine paste that will pass though the digestive system with only the slightest rumbling, so grab your straws and start sucking!

Speaking of sucking, here is the another batch of images appropriately accompanied by the sound of rapid, wet inhalation - more medical images from my youthful days of wasted effort and doomed ideals.

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  1. whew- i remember these, there are Many- i still think prints shoulda been available at the Mutter museum. . . .