Monday, June 6, 2011


Another Page of Ectopiary is up.

In deference to current fads which emphasize that "less is more", I've decided to chuck that attitude altogether and let it all hang out. If I'm going to kill trees in the production of this eventual book, I'm going to treat that sheet of paper with the attention and respect it deserves. Hence, every square centimeter gets smothered in tiny lines, stippling or carefully considered blobs of ink. I thank my proxy mentor, Mahendra Singh, for encouraging this mode of attack. I cannot but agree that the world is in desperate need of healthy dose of the Neo-Baroque. Won't you do your part?

In celebration of the coming New Age of Reason, here are some medical oddities and similar monstrosities. Enjoy!


  1. At first I wondered if the lady's difficulty was camel-toe, or the peskiness of stockings that just won't stay up ;).

  2. Your weirdness is truly refreshing. This Neo-Baroque is going to be really fun with you on board. Monadism is so much more fun in a group!

    Lots and lots of lines & squiggles and blobs, all of 'em a sound & fury signifying nothing (until we're both safely dead and an art critic needs a fresh fad to promote)