Thursday, July 28, 2011


Page 82 of ECTOPIARY seems to be a landing spot of sorts. THINGS will be occurring in the next few pages.

COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA also transpires in the world. Notify your friends!

Because I am now drawing two regular comics strips, I haven't yet nailed down a consistent schedule for posting on this blog. What I desperately need is someone who is willing to perform the necessary routine online tasks for promoting my comics. For anybody willing to undertake this task, I am offering a percentage of net profits! Interested persons may contact me at!

This week, I've decided to give another peek at my usual drawing process when I make these inexplicable comics.

Unlike most cartoonists that I know, instead of penciling in an entire page before inking, I compose each panel separately. Often, I will break it down even further, by fully rendering & inking each individual element in the panel (foreground figures or background details) one at a time. Here is the feature character, Pimwit, in his wheelchair, sans background.

Here is Pimwit in initial inked form, pencils erased.

Art Baxter ( would teasingly call me a "line-builder." I have no adeptness with a brush or any kind of pen that flares out the line as you draw. In fact, I tend to press down with a lot of force onto the page. As of yet, I have not ceased this habit. I destroy a lot of pens this way. Consequently, I carefully draw over each line until I get the desired thickness. I suspect most people would lose patience with this, but I rather like it. This is probably why I would flunk out of art school if I ever had the notion of attending.

Now I have Pimwit "locked down" in inked form. I'm fairly satisfied that he looks okay, so I proceed to rough in the background. Unlike most of the backgrounds in my panels, this one is relatively simple.

Fun with rulers.

A couple of hours of nervous stippling, a big blob of black ink and it's done. In my opinion, it's actually kind of a crappy drawing, but here it is, exposed in its developmental stages for posterity. Forgive me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


In case last week's installment wasn't enough, for the benefit of my less-patient readers, page 81 of ECTOPIARY continues with two more big panels containing nothing but scenery!

continues its own trajectory quite nicely. The website is slowly accruing wonderful bits of fan-art. Just this past week, this lovely illustration by Thomas Stetson arrived in my mailbox! I rather like it. I hope it inspires others to send in their own interpretations of the girls. Any artwork I receive will be gratefully posted along the others!

Monday, July 11, 2011

More Things

Page 80 of ECTOPIARY is dedicated to those readers who complain of the snail's pace of the story. Two big panels of scenery!

Page 3 of COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA contains a nod to my recent experience of filling up pages of comics with lots of birds. I think I am quite done with them now. Shall we move onto other things?

A mostly uneventful week has passed. I've been occupied with seeking employment. Anybody out there have a use for a weird cartoonist?

Let's continue with the wallowing. Instead of posting my usual drawings of deformed people, I feel like showing off. Inspired by a recent post at, I've decided to post a letter I received by the luminous Jim Woodring when I sent him a copy of my book The Squirrel Machine. Pretty, neat, huh?
(This letter has been posted without Mr. Woodring's foreknowledge or permission. Should he ever request that I take it down, I shall humbly apologize and remove it without delay.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

More Comics & Drawings

Last week was over-full of activities. Thus, I was unable to post my usual weekly blog update. I am here, now!

Now that I have two ongoing webcomics, I am uncertain about the headings for these blog posts. Ideas & suggestions are welcome.

Page 79 of ECTOPIARY
is up. I think this page marks the halfway-point of Chapter One of the book. Pages to follow will feature strange and (I hope) interesting events.

COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA seems to have gotten a warm reception all around. Scott McCloud, Robot 6 and the Comics Reporter have all taken notice of its arrival. I thank these fine people and anybody else who spreads the word!

Also, beginning this week (or next week, depending on my ability to sidestep technical snafus) Cochlea & Eustachia will be a regular feature as one of The Weekly Dig's Sunday Comics! Be sure to check them out, as they are a fine crew with an excellent track record of bringing lunacy to the masses!

Speaking of masses, now is your chance to amass new goods!
Now available from my recently-devised Zazzle Goods Store are Chrome Fetus themed T-shirts, mugs and other silly gewgaws! I urge you to buy large quantities now and demonstrate your support for the frontline of the abstruse!

Many other developments are in the process of developing. Remain alert, and I will inform you of them in future days!

But now, let us cast our eyes to the past, and gander these nascent drawings by a youthful Hans Rickheit and his collections of medical images: