Monday, July 4, 2011

More Comics & Drawings

Last week was over-full of activities. Thus, I was unable to post my usual weekly blog update. I am here, now!

Now that I have two ongoing webcomics, I am uncertain about the headings for these blog posts. Ideas & suggestions are welcome.

Page 79 of ECTOPIARY
is up. I think this page marks the halfway-point of Chapter One of the book. Pages to follow will feature strange and (I hope) interesting events.

COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA seems to have gotten a warm reception all around. Scott McCloud, Robot 6 and the Comics Reporter have all taken notice of its arrival. I thank these fine people and anybody else who spreads the word!

Also, beginning this week (or next week, depending on my ability to sidestep technical snafus) Cochlea & Eustachia will be a regular feature as one of The Weekly Dig's Sunday Comics! Be sure to check them out, as they are a fine crew with an excellent track record of bringing lunacy to the masses!

Speaking of masses, now is your chance to amass new goods!
Now available from my recently-devised Zazzle Goods Store are Chrome Fetus themed T-shirts, mugs and other silly gewgaws! I urge you to buy large quantities now and demonstrate your support for the frontline of the abstruse!

Many other developments are in the process of developing. Remain alert, and I will inform you of them in future days!

But now, let us cast our eyes to the past, and gander these nascent drawings by a youthful Hans Rickheit and his collections of medical images:

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