Monday, July 11, 2011

More Things

Page 80 of ECTOPIARY is dedicated to those readers who complain of the snail's pace of the story. Two big panels of scenery!

Page 3 of COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA contains a nod to my recent experience of filling up pages of comics with lots of birds. I think I am quite done with them now. Shall we move onto other things?

A mostly uneventful week has passed. I've been occupied with seeking employment. Anybody out there have a use for a weird cartoonist?

Let's continue with the wallowing. Instead of posting my usual drawings of deformed people, I feel like showing off. Inspired by a recent post at, I've decided to post a letter I received by the luminous Jim Woodring when I sent him a copy of my book The Squirrel Machine. Pretty, neat, huh?
(This letter has been posted without Mr. Woodring's foreknowledge or permission. Should he ever request that I take it down, I shall humbly apologize and remove it without delay.)

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