Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another hiatus?

My unemployment checks will be running out soon, so I have to crank up my job-search. I'm going to take this opportunity to take a break form the webcomics for a bit. I will definitely start updates again on the first week of September. ECTOPIARY has finally reached the point of the story which engages my interest more intensely. COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA has been rustier than I'd like. I believe both comics would benefit from my taking a breather for a few weeks before resuming.

The exhibit in Greenfield went very well. Crowds of strangers came to gape at the comics and devices. A good time was had by all. Below are some pics from early on in the evening. The mysterious black boxes are dioramas I built, More photos to surface in the near future!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Page 83 of ECTOPIARY was another difficult page to draw. I think it ultimately came out alright. I'd be interested in any opinions.

Page 7 of COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA did not come out as well as hoped. I rushed through this one, and I think it shows. Subsequent pages look better. Patience, please!

The BIG NEWS this week is the Grand Opening of the Greenfield Arts Salon (G.A.S.). The premier exhibit features work by local cartoonists Colin Panetta and Mark Velard. Their stuff is viewable HERE. Also included will be some pages of comics and (hopefully) other devices by me. I plan on being present at the opening. It is free to the public, and I encourage every able person to attend! DETAILS HERE!