Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back again

I'm a little wearier than usual this week. Just as I'm easing into my new job at a local discount grocer, Hurricane Irene turned the landscape of Western Mass. into apocalyptic scenery. The road I live on collapsed into the river, leaving me stranded for a few days without electricity, water or phone. I had to hike 12 miles over rubble nd through the woods to get into town.

In spite of this, the comics are ready to resume. Page 8 of Cochlea & Eustachia has just been posted. The next page of Ectopiary will be up Saturday evening.

It seems that my life is going through a bit of a rocky patch. I ask all for patience and forgive my lackluster post this week. In spite of my current exhaustion, I am hopeful and optimistic. Next week's blog post should contain some exciting announcements!


  1. Page 8 of Cochlea and Eustachia has been posted so hard it also replaced page 7...

  2. Thanks for the notification! I will fix it presently!

  3. Wow, that's some scary destruction. I'm glad you're okay...