Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comix Continue


Apologies for the silence. I had been hoping to update the format of the webcomics with the intention of rendering this blog unnecessary. Unfortunately, that day is still far off in the future.

Also apologies must be made for the absence of the past weeks' COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA update. With my current work schedule, I can not realistically maintain two weekly webcomics. Already, I can see some drop in quality of the pages I've been drawing; A result of rushing to meet deadlines. I'm afraid I've had to demote one of my ongoing features to a bi-weekly schedule.

Readers who may wish to rebel at this appalling state of affairs are urged to take action. The best possible way to restore things to their proper place is to make a DONATION or BUY SOME MERCHANDISE!

Nonetheless, I still persist in making these online picture-books. Remain calm.

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