Tuesday, April 3, 2012



What manner of madness is this? Why does everything appear so strange and new, yet comfortingly familiar? What is this new blog? Why the new website? Am I becoming dismantled or disoriented or something?

Rather than attempt tedious explanations here, I recommend you bookmark the new BLOG. My new business partner, Christian Berntsen will be doing much of the necessary web-doings to free up my time for more drawing. It is unlikely that this blog will get any future updates, but it will remain here as a placeholder for you nostalgic types.

Speaking of nostalgia, who can forget tbe Xeric-Award winning debut graphic novel, CHLOE? (The more appropriate question is who can remember the accursed tome?) Well, you need strain your memory no longer, for I have elected to post the book online for free twice a week! You can begin reading HERE. (Impatient people or those who require greater tactility are urged to BUY A COPY NOW.)

Lastly, I wanted to gesticulate about the imminent collection from Fantagraphics Books: FOLLY, The Consequences of Indiscretion. The release date of April 17th has been confirmed. I will attending the upcoming MoCCA Festival in NYC April 28th & 29th for its mighty debut! I recommend you saunter down to purchase your very own signed copy , or at the very least, pre-order a copy HERE.

Friends, I thank you for your attention and patience. I am grateful to each you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012



The hiatus was long, wasn't it? My apologies for those who habitually clicked onto the site once every hour, with bated breath, to see if the next installment was up. Your patience has now been rewarded.
My apologies that the reward is none too great. Page 91 was the last page I completed prior to the haitus. It is very clear to me, upon examining this page, that a change in my drawing schedule was in order. This is one of the weakest pages I've drawn in a long time. I am only comforted by the fact that upcoming pages are significantly better.
My current drawing schedule isn't ideal, but it is an improvement over what I had before. I believe that I should have no trouble keeping a reliable weekly update schedule for Ectopiary. The other comic strip, Cochlea & Eustachis, may not be so reliable. We shall see.