Tuesday, April 3, 2012



What manner of madness is this? Why does everything appear so strange and new, yet comfortingly familiar? What is this new blog? Why the new website? Am I becoming dismantled or disoriented or something?

Rather than attempt tedious explanations here, I recommend you bookmark the new BLOG. My new business partner, Christian Berntsen will be doing much of the necessary web-doings to free up my time for more drawing. It is unlikely that this blog will get any future updates, but it will remain here as a placeholder for you nostalgic types.

Speaking of nostalgia, who can forget tbe Xeric-Award winning debut graphic novel, CHLOE? (The more appropriate question is who can remember the accursed tome?) Well, you need strain your memory no longer, for I have elected to post the book online for free twice a week! You can begin reading HERE. (Impatient people or those who require greater tactility are urged to BUY A COPY NOW.)

Lastly, I wanted to gesticulate about the imminent collection from Fantagraphics Books: FOLLY, The Consequences of Indiscretion. The release date of April 17th has been confirmed. I will attending the upcoming MoCCA Festival in NYC April 28th & 29th for its mighty debut! I recommend you saunter down to purchase your very own signed copy , or at the very least, pre-order a copy HERE.

Friends, I thank you for your attention and patience. I am grateful to each you.